2016 Nov 9 – Careers in Pharma industry explained

Careers in Pharma industry explained

Medical Scientific Liaison, Scientific Advisor, Medical Writer, Pharmacovigilance Officer, Regulatory Officer, Project Leader, Product Manager… What do they all do?

How do you prepare for a career in Life Science?

What does the future hold for Life sciences professionals? (Sweden and Denmark)

Mentlife invites you to find out at this seminar!

The seminar will also focus on three important areas for careers in Life Science: health economy, ethical regulations and critical review of scientific articles.

Speaker: Niclas Lindqvist, Molecular Biologist with >20 years’ experience as Brand Leader, Global Product Manager, Advisor etc. Now working as Business Unit Director within recruitment and staffing in the Life Science sector.

Time: 5-8 p.m. including mingle

Venue: Belfrage Lecture Hall, BMC house D, floor 15, Klinikgatan 32

Slides from the event

Mentlife Niclas lindqvist – Career in Life sciences from MentLife

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