2016 Feb 9 – Behind the job titles in Life Science

Did you ever wonder what´s behind the job titles in Life Science?

Mentlife invites all interested to a seminar on the 9th Feb at 5-7 p.m.  

  • Medical Scientific Liaison, Scientific Advisor, Medical Writer, Pharmacovigilance-Officer, Regulatory-Officer, Project Leader, Product Manager… What do they do?
  • How do you prepare a career in Life science?
  • What´s the future work life in the industry (Sweden and Denmark)?
  • The seminar will also focus on three important areas for a career
  • within Life Science: Health Economy, Ethical regulations and Critical reviewing of scientific articles

Speaker: Niclas Lindqvist,  Molecular Biologist with >20 years experience as Brand Leader, Global Product Manager, Advisor etc. Now working as Business Unit Director within recruitment and staffing in LifeScience sector.

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