May 2018

Notice of Termination


We regret to inform you that MentLife will cease operating beyond the 2017-2018 academic year. A number of financial and organizational issues have arisen that we have been unable to resolve with the university and, as a consequence, we will not now be running the 2018-2019 (year 6) mentoring, seminar or study-visit programs.

We would like to assure all concerned that we will deliver the 2017-2018 program as originally planned; we have, however, started the process of winding down activities and we will be informing sponsors, stakeholders, students and university staff plus the various companies with whom we work, of our decision.

MentLife has been operating since 2013 and during the last five years has provided a comprehensive and extensive program of activities for the benefit of PhD students and others in the medical, science and engineering faculties of Lund University. During this time we were able to provide personalized mentoring to over 60 students seeking a career outside academia, as well as running a series of themed seminars, attracting total audiences in excess of 1000, focusing on the nature and practicalities of working in industry along with the issues likely to impact life-science research and development over the next decade. We additionally organized seven study visits to local companies, providing opportunities for networking and the exchange of collaborative ideas between students and industry scientists, including individual visits. As a result of these and related activities, many of our student alumni have since found positions in a variety of national and international companies and some have started their own businesses.

We would like to thank the university, who provided operating costs since 2015 as well as administrative support plus representatives from the three faculties, as well as various organizations, in particular Medicon Village and the Pufendorf Institute, who generously donated the use of their facilities for seminars and meetings. We would, additionally, like to thank the more than 20 highly professional mentors who gave selflessly of their time, provided a wealth of practical advice on employment opportunities in industry and helped countless students, post-docs and others with critical career and personal development choices. Finally, we would like to thank the PhD students who have been part of MentLife over the last five years – we sincerely hope you have benefited from the experience and have been inspired by what we have achieved together.

We are currently in advanced discussions with representatives from the Medical Faculty of Lund University regarding opportunities to establish an industry-based mentor and business development program based on the original concept of MentLife. If successful, we would anticipate this new organization to be up and running in 2019.

If you have any questions or comments please contact Lars Erik Edholm, Founder of MentLife:

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