Mentor Programme the benefits of working in the Life-Science industry are many and varied, competition for new positions is fierce and becoming increasingly difficult. MentLife is a tailor-made program for Life science Ph. D. students from Lund university, helping you make informed decisions about the many career opportunities available. We provide guidance on medium to long-term personal development and help improve your chances of landing that all-important first job.

By matching individual Ph. D. students and mentors, MentLife can help to prepare you for the transition between academia and industry, and thereby provide a foundation for effective career planning. Through individual meetings, the mentor is able to give the mentee the personal attention and commitment their needs demand. Therefore, every meeting is driven by and tailored to the needs of the mentee, giving the flexibility needed to help them achieve their goals.

Application for 2017-18 Mentlife program is over. You could follow the event announcement page for our seminars. Please stay tuned for the opening of the next application period (April 2018).


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