Steering Committee

MentLife is led by a steering committee. It consists of representatives from the industry and from the faculties of science, medicine and engineering at Lund University. Richard Cook chairs the steering committee meetings.


Lars Erik Edholm

Founder of MentLife


Lars Erik Edholm holds a PhD in Analytical Chemistry from Lund University and has over 25 years of experience from academia and the pharmaceutical industry. He has been associate and adjunct professor at Lund University as well as manager in the industry. Here, Lars Erik gained extensive management experience on different levels and served as department head for more than 10 years. He was also global chairman and scientific adviser in Bioanalytical Sciences at AstraZeneca. Apart from scientific and managerial work, Lars Erik also founded and owned a consultancy Company.


Jan Sternby

janJan Sternby holds a PhD in Automatic control from Lund University. He has over 40 years of experience from academia and industry, mainly in the MedTech area, with an extensive experience in leading research in different environments and levels. With over 15 years as a Research Director or Scientific Advisor, Jan has gained specialist knowledge in development of medical devices and their interaction with the human body. As professor in Lund and Luleå, he supervised a number of students to their Ph.D. He has a broad experience of patent work, and authored over 100 publications and patents.


Pernilla Carlsson

Presentation1Pernilla Carlsson holds a masters exam in chemical engineering from LTH and a PhD in medical biochemistry from Uppsala University. After her PhD studies Pernilla decided to switch gears, and has since worked with student counselling and research administration in academia. She is now responsible for the Medical faculty´s Careers centre, where she arranges seminars and workshop as well as performs individual coaching to PhD students and postdocs at the faculty.


Richard Cook

Richard Cook holds a PhD in Parasite Immunology from Imperial College and has over thirty five years experience working in the Pharmaceutical/Biopharmaceutical Industry in the UK, USA and Sweden. He has a background in Cellular Immunology with specialist knowledge of respiratory and allergic disease plus practical experience in all aspects of pharmaceutical drug discovery and development. Richard has extensive management experience leading multi-national project teams and facilitating industrial-academic collaborations. For over 25 years he has been mentoring scientific staff including PhD students and post-docs. He is currently an independent Consultant.


Ulla Boström Hjorth

ullaUlla Boström Hjorth is active in a number of development projects at Lund University, especially organizing conferences and meetings. Other responsibilities include LU-contact, the central platform for collaboration. She is chairman of “Unilink”, an organization aiming to develop and promote better interaction between the academic arena and the surrounding society, where she has represented Lund University as a board member since 2013. Her educational background is Business with focus on marketing and logistics. She previously worked with executive education and was head of central Career Services at Lund University.


Johan Morrill

I am currently a Ph.D. student in biochemistry at the Division of Biochemistry and Structural Biology, Faculty of Science, Lund University. I am in my last year of Ph.D. studies and expect to graduate in the fall of 2017. My work focuses on the study and applications of β-mannanases which are carbohydrate-active enzymes that degrade and/or modify mannan, a type of hemicellulose common in softwoods such as spruce. I study the properties of these enzymes using HPLC, MS and enzyme assays, among other methods.


Kerstin Wendland


Kerstin Wendland is a PhD student at the Faculty of Medicine. She has a background in immunology and has worked on immunity in invertebrates as well as mucosal immunology during her studies in Germany. After an internship at Lund University during her master studies, she started her PhD project on the role of retinoic acid in T cell development. She is looking forward to extend her horizon and to build new networks by being part of MentLife.


Krzysztof Krawxzyk

I’m Polish and I have visited Sweden during two Erasmus exchanges. I have stayed after the second one to continue my education as PhD student. Currently I’m at the 3rd year of PhD studies at the Department of Translational Medicine in Malmö. I work with kidney disease, with the main focus on understanding the processes behind kidney injury and regeneration and involvement of stem cell like cells in these processes. Part of my projects are focused on kidney cancer and involvement of the immune cells in the disease development.


Tobias Nilsson

TobiasTobias Nilsson is Scientific Officer at the Faculty of Science and holds a PhD in Analytical Chemistry. After a few years as a professional chemist, first at the Consultancy firm Rambøll AB and then at the R&D department of the Swedish National Food Administration, he returned to Lund University and is now working predominantly with research education issues at the Faculty of Science.


Adjunct members

Annika Sanfridsson

Annika is a cell and molecular biologist with a PhD in
Immunology from Duke University, USA. She has close to 20 years’ experience from AstraZeneca (Lund, Sweden) and Novo Nordisk A/S in Måløv, Denmark, where she has held various leadership positions as line manager and project leader. Annika is currently working as Research Project Director in Global Research at Novo Nordisk. Her primary responsibility is to lead pre-clinical obesity and diabetes projects to deliver lead candidate proteins and peptides for clinical testing.  She has extensive experience defining disease area strategy, maintaining academic collaborations, evaluating in-licensing opportunities and working in global cross-cultural teams.

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